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For Italian pen pals you may also look at

Picture ID Mother Tongue Last access's picture 5 days 14 hours
PrachiBari's picture
PrachiBari Other 1 year 7 months
BimalShrestha's picture
BimalShrestha English 1 year 9 months
Silvia's picture
Silvia Italian 2 years 2 months
kinaeichelberger5991's picture
kinaeichelberger5991 2 years 5 months
tuchisawa's picture
tuchisawa Japanese 2 years 5 months
Daniele's picture
Daniele Italian 2 years 6 months
lynwoodhem6218001882's picture
lynwoodhem6218001882 2 years 6 months
jonaswallen034936810's picture
jonaswallen034936810 2 years 8 months
NguyễnLoan's picture
NguyễnLoan 2 years 9 months
NICOLA's picture
NICOLA Italian 2 years 9 months
choua's picture
choua English 2 years 9 months
SwatiJoshi's picture
SwatiJoshi Other 2 years 9 months
miwa's picture
miwa Japanese 2 years 9 months
timpercy70121371's picture
timpercy70121371 2 years 10 months