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Software For Learning Japanese (List)

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This list is only about "simple" software tools like dictionaries, flashcards Etc.
It is not about multimedia courses running on PC/Tablet/Mobile. It is not about language study Websites.

On the Web is possible to find lists of software with one hundred or more entries, some of which dead, very old, or not so useful.
This list is short, we include only software that currently is ... alive and well and that to us seems good.

For some of the software in this list there are, or soon there will be, reviews here on


  • Anki
    Available on Windows, Linux, iOs, Android, Web Site.
    Free on all platforms except iOs.
    Study is syncronized across all your installed Anki versions thanks to a synchronization server, so you can review on your mobile phone while commuting and when you arrive at home or office can study on your PC restarting from where you stopped on your mobile.
    In theory a generic flashcard program, not specific for Japanese, in practise developed by a programmer that was learning Japanese.
    Very flexible and powerful. Bad GUI. Plenty of free decks for studying Japanese.
  • Jishop (not free)
    Available on Windows, iPhone, Android, Winphone, Bada, Pocket PC


  • Zkanj

  • KanjTrainer

  • Nihongo Flash - Japanese Flash Cards

  • Hating Kanji

  • Stackz (not free)

  • Supermemo (not free)

  • JWPCe (glorious old wordprocessor useful to open files with japanese encoding, includes dictionary functionalities)

iPhone / iPod

  • Japanese

  • JLPT Study

  • Kanjiflip

  • Imiwa

  • WWW JDic (need to be online)

  • Audio Wheel (audio player with a/b repeat)

  • Speater (audio player with a/b repeat)

  • yaPlayer (good ordinary videoplayer that manages subtitles)

  • AVPlayer (good ordinary videoplayer that manages subtitles)

  • Countless others ...


  • Ankidroid (Anki for Android)

  • Obenkyo

  • Kotoba - chan

  • Simple Kanji Quiz

  • Auto Repeat Player (audio player with a/b repeat)

  • AB Audio Player (audio player with a/b repeat)

  • MX Player (good ordinary videoplayer that manages subtitles)

  • DicePLayer (good ordinary videoplayer that manages subtitles)

  • Countless others ...