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New JLPT - Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken - 日本語能力試験 - kanji lists

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(For information about the new JLPT rathen than just the kanji click here)

At the bottom of this page you will find links to the kanji study information for each of the 5 levels of the "new" JLPT.
We suggest that you bookmark the level of interest in your browser so next time you can go straight to it.

All the tables of kanjis and kana we publish on this site will use the stroke order font if it is installed on your PC or device (click here for more info) so you should see something like this (size enlarged here for clarity)


Besides the info that normally needed by jlpt students we include additional info that may be useful, for instance

  • "composites" (words that include the kanji)
  • Heisig's index

If there is other info would like us to include do not hesitate to let us know now via the contact form that you find in the menu or clicking here.

Before you follow the links to the the kanjis of your jlpt level please note that:

  • the new JLPT FAQ reads:
    "With the old test, levels were explained in terms of the total number of hours spent studying Japanese and how many kanji or words had been learned. The new test’s levels are not explained in this way."
  • Kanjidic documentation reads:
    "No official kanji lists are available for the new levels"
    All or nearly all kanji lists on the Web and kanji study software are based on the free kanji dictionary kanjidic.

This means that in the new JLPT there are no official lists of kanjis or words for the various levels.
All the lists you find on internet or in the various applications are just guesses.
If you didn't know that ... sorry for bringing the bad news, btw we notice that too often often Web sites and applications do not provide this basic info.

After you will have learned the kanjis the best way to consolidate their knowledge is to practise writing, you can look for japanese penpals clicking here.

Good learning