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Learn Italian with pen pals

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A penpals is always a good way to learn a language. It allows you to be in touch with real language rather than "book" language. It gives you motivation to practise Making new friends in another country is always a good thing. 
Nowadays thanks to emails and chat having a pen pals is easier than in the past.
Despite that finding god penpals on internet is not easy; there are several sites but many are not free. Some sites seem to be free, you register, after that you discover that to send messages, or even only to reply to messages, you have to buy a subscription.

For finding pen pals, from Italy and from all the world, we recommend the site because
- it is really free for normal usage
- it is simple
- it is not strongly commercial
- all users are real

You can go straight to the site by clicking its banner below:


For support you can use the contact page of the site or go to its Facebook and Google+ page clicking these badges:

Italian Pen Pals