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Kyoiku kanji - grade 6

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kanji by grade: 6

content from KANJIDIC copyright by Electronic Dictionary Research Group EDRG

スン,す,みき,measurement, foot/10361
ボウ,モウ,な.い,な.き-,ほろ.びる,ほろ.ぶ,ほろ.ぼす,deceased, the late, dying, perish362
コ,キ,おのれ,つちのと,な,し,み,self, snake, serpent361
カン,ほ.す,ほ.し-,-ぼ.し,ひ.る,ほし,dry, parch362
ジン,ニ,ニン,きみ,く,さと,しのぶ,じ,と,のり,ひと,ひとし,ひろ,まさ,まさし,やす,よし,humanity, virtue, benevolence, charity, man, kernel461
シャク,せき,shaku, Japanese foot, measure, scale, rule461
ヘン,かた-,かた,one-sided, leaf, sheet, right-side kata radical (no. 91)462
ショ,ところ,-こ,お.る,dispose, manage, deal with, sentence, condemn, act, behave, place562
チョウ,テイ,やくしょ,government office562
ヨウ,おさな.い,うぶ,わか,infancy, childhood562
ケツ,あな,けな,しし,な,hole, aperture, slit, cave, den561
シュウ,おさ.める,おさ.まる,のぶ,income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store562
サツ,サク,ふみ,tome, counter for books, volume562
カイ,はい,ashes, puckery juice, cremate662
キ,つくえ,desk, table662
ソン,ゾン,まさ,suppose, be aware of, believe, feel662
キュウ,す.う,suck, imbibe, inhale, sip662
シ,いた.る,のぶ,のり,みち,よし,climax, arrive, proceed, reach, attain, result in661
キ,あぶ.ない,あや.うい,あや.ぶむ,dangerous, fear, uneasy662
ウ,いえ,たか,ひろ,ひろし,eaves, roof, house, heaven662
タク,け,たか,たけ,や,やけ,home, house, residence, our house, my husband662
コウ,ゴ,きさき,empress, queen, after, behind, back, later661
ラン,ロン,みだ.れる,みだ.る,みだ.す,みだ,おさ.める,わた.る,ら,riot, war, disorder, disturb762
エン,の.びる,の.べる,の.べ,の.ばす,たか,のぶ,のべ,prolong, stretching762
コン,こま.る,quandary, become distressed, annoyed762
ヒ, criticism, strike761
ガ,われ,わ,わ.が-,わが-,あ,あが,か,ego, I, selfish, our, oneself761
シ,わたくし,わたし,private, I, me763
ヒ,いな,いや,negate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny762
コウ,キョウ,たか,たかし,のり,よし,filial piety, child's respect761
ケイ, lineage, system761
ラン,たまご,egg, ovum, spawn, roe762
ジャク,ニャク,ニャ,わか.い,わか-,も.しくわ,も.し,も.しくは,わく,わこ,young, if, perhaps, possibly, low number, immature862
ホウ,たから,ほ,treasure, wealth, valuables862
マイ,バイ,ひら,sheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets862
チュウ,きよし,たた,ただ,ただし,なお,loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness861
タン,かつ.ぐ,にな.う,shouldering, carry, raise, bear862
カク,コウ,ひろ.がる,ひろ.げる,ひろ.める,broaden, extend, expand, enlarge861
ニュウ,ちち,ち,milk, breasts862
沿エン,そ.う,-ぞ.い,run alongside, follow along, run along, lie along861
シュウ,ソウ,むね,かず,し,そ,そお,たか,とし,のり,ひろ,むな,もと,よし,religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence861
チュウ,ひろ,ゆ,mid-air, air, space, sky, memorization, interval of time861
カイ,とど.ける,-とど.け,とど.く,deliver, reach, arrive, report, notify, forward862
コ,よ.ぶ,よぶ,call, call out to, invite862
コク,きざ.む,きざ.み,engrave, cut fine, chop, hash, mince, time, carving862
スイ,た.れる,た.らす,た.れ,-た.れ,なんなんと.す,たる,だれ,droop, suspend, hang, slouch861
ハイ,おが.む,おろが.む,worship, adore, pray to862
ヘイ,ホウ,な.み,なら.べる,なら.ぶ,なら.びに,なび,row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal862
キョウ,ク,クウ,グ,そな.える,とも,-ども,submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany862
セン,もっぱ.ら,specialty, exclusive, mainly, solely962
セン,いずみ,いず,ずい,ずみ,ぜい,ぜん,の,spring, fountain962
セン,のたま.う,とおる,のぶ,のぼる,のり,ひさ,よし,proclaim, say, announce961
セン,あら.う,あらい,らい,wash, inquire into, probe962
ハイ, lungs961
ハイ,せ,せい,そむ.く,そむ.ける,stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel962
姿シ,すがた,しな,figure, form, shape961
セン,そ.める,-ぞ.め,-ぞめ,そ.まる,し.みる,-じ.みる,し.み,-し.める,そめ,dye, color, paint, stain, print961
カン,み.る,watch over, see961
リツ,リチ,レツ,たかし,のり,rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control962
カン,ケン,ま.く,まき,ま.き,scroll, volume, book, part, roll up, wind up, tie, coil, counter for texts (or book scrolls)962
コウ,ク,べに,くれない,あか.い,くれ,もみ,crimson, deep red962
ソウ,かな.でる,すすむ,play music, speak to a ruler, complete961
エイ,うつ.る,うつ.す,は.える,-ば.え,あきら,え,てる,reflect, reflection, projection963
カク,かわ,leather, become serious, skin, hide, pelt962
ダン,タン, grade, steps, stairs962
ハ, faction, group, party, clique, sect, school961
シュ,かぶ,stocks, stump, shares, stock, counter for small plants1061
シン,はり,は,needle, pin, staple, stinger1062
トウ,う.つ,chastise, attack, defeat, destroy, conquer1061
ショウ,ソウ,まさ.に,はた,まさ,ひきい.る,もって,かつ,かつり,すすむ,たか,ゆき,leader, commander, general, admiral, or, and again, soon, from now on, just about1062
トウ,なかま,むら,party, faction, clique1062
ジュウ,ショウ,ジュ,したが.う,したが.える,より,accompany, obey, submit to, comply, follow, secondary, incidental, subordinate1061
ヒ,ひ.める,ひそ.か,かく.す,secret, conceal1061
チ,ね,あたい,じ,price, cost, value1062
ザ,すわ.る,squat, seat, cushion, gathering, sit1062
ハン, squad, corps, unit, group1061
シャ,い.る,さ.す,う.つ,shoot, shine into, onto, archery1061
ノウ,ナッ,ナ,ナン,トウ,おさ.める,-おさ.める,おさ.まる,の,ろ,settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store1061
ヘイ, highness, steps (of throne)1061
コウ,ゴ,お.りる,お.ろす,ふ.る,ふ.り,くだ.る,くだ.す,ふり,ふる,descend, precipitate, fall, surrender1062
コツ,ほね,skeleton, bone, remains, frame1062
ジュン,あつ,すみ,み,やすし,よし,genuine, purity, innocence, net (profit)1062
キョウ,むね,むな-,bosom, breast, chest, heart, feelings1062
ロウ,ほが.らか,あき.らか,あき,あきら,お,さえ,ろ,melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful1061
ハイ, haiku, actor1061
ジョ,ジ,のぞ.く,-よ.け,exclude, division (x/3), remove, abolish, cancel, except1062
キョウ,ゴウ,さと,くに,home town, village, native place, district1061
ユウ, mail, stagecoach stop1062
テン,のぶ,のり,ひろ,ゆき,unfold, expand1061
チョウ,いただ.く,いただき,place on the head, receive, top of head, top, summit, peak1162
イキ, range, region, limits, stage, level1162
ホウ,おとず.れる,たず.ねる,と.う,わ,call on, visit, look up, offer sympathy1162
ヨク, the following, next1162
シャ,す.てる,discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject, sacrifice1162
スイ,お.す,conjecture, infer, guess, suppose, support1161
ソウ,ス,まど,てんまど,けむだし,window, pane1162
ヨク,ほっ.する,ほ.しい,longing, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving1162
ミツ,ひそ.か,secrecy, density (pop), minuteness, carefulness1161
シ,み.る,とも,み,inspection, regard as, see, look at1161
ヤク,わけ,translate, reason, circumstance, case1161
チョ,チャク,あらわ.す,いちじる.しい,renowned, publish, write, remarkable, phenomenal, put on, don, wear, arrival, finish (race), counter for suits of clothing, literary work1162
タン,さぐ.る,さが.す,grope, search, look for1162
セイ,ジョウ,も.る,さか.る,さか.ん,もり,boom, prosper, copulate1161
ヘイ,と.じる,と.ざす,し.める,し.まる,た.てる,へ,closed, shut1162
サイ,セイ,す.む,-ず.み,-ずみ,す.まない,す.ます,-す.ます,すく.う,な.す,わたし,わた.る,すむ,なり,わたる,finish, come to an end, excusable, need not1162
イ,こと,こと.なる,け,uncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual1161
ノウ,ドウ,のうずる,brain, memory1162
ケイ,キョウ,うやま.う,け,たか,たかし,たけ,とし,のり,ひろ,ゆき,よし,awe, respect, honor, revere1262
ソウ,ショウ,よそお.う,よそお.い,attire, dress, pretend, disguise, profess1262
サイ,た.つ,さば.く,tailor, judge, decision, cut out (pattern)1261
キ,ふる.う,brandish, wave, wag, swing, shake1261
サク, scheme, plan, policy, step, means1261
キン,すじ,muscle, sinew, tendon, fiber, plot, plan, descent1261
ゼン,よ.い,い.い,よ.く,よし.とする,たる,よし,virtuous, good, goodness1261
ソン,たっと.い,とうと.い,たっと.ぶ,とうと.ぶ,さだ,たか,たけ,みこと,revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted1262
ソウ,ショウ,つく.る,はじ.める,きず,けず.しける,はじめ,genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate1261
キン,ゴン,つと.める,-づと.め,つと.まる,いそ.しむ,diligence, become employed, serve1262
ボウ, rod, stick, cane, pole, club, line1262
カツ,わ.る,わり,わ.り,わ.れる,さ.く,proportion, comparatively, divide, cut, separate, split1262
キ,たっと.い,とうと.い,たっと.ぶ,とうと.ぶ,きよ,ぎ,たか,たかし,よし,precious, value, prize, esteem, honor1261
ツウ,いた.い,いた.む,いた.ましい,いた.める,pain, hurt, damage, bruise1262
シ, part of speech, words, poetry1262
シュウ,シュ,おお.い,masses, great numbers, multitude, populace1261
ホ,おぎな.う,supplement, supply, make good, offset, compensate, assistant, learner1262
バン, nightfall, night1262
シュウ,ジュ,つ.く,つ.ける,たか,なり,concerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per1261
ゲン,みなもと,はら,みな,もと,source, origin1361
セイ,まこと,きよ,さと,しげ,とも,のぶ,ま,まこ,まさ,sincerity, admonish, warn, prohibit, truth, fidelity1361
マク,バク,とばり,curtain, bunting, act of play1361
リ,うら,back, amidst, in, reverse, inside, palm, sole, rear, lining, wrong side1362
フク,はら,abdomen, belly, stomach1362
セイ,ショウ,ひじり,きよ,さと,さとし,せ,たか,ただ,ひろ,まさ,み,holy, saint, sage, master, priest1361
チン,すけ,fare, fee, hire, rent, wages, charge1361
ショウ,きず,いた.む,いた.める,wound, hurt, injure, impair, pain, injury, cut, gash, scar, weak point1361
ショ, signature, govt office, police station1362
メイ, alliance, oath1361
ジョウ,セイ,む.す,む.れる,む.らす,steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty1362
ボ,く.れる,く.らす,ぐらし,ぐれ,ぽ,livelihood, make a living, spend time1462
モ,ボ,がみ,imitation, copy, mock1461
ニン,みと.める,したた.める,acknowledge, witness, discern, recognize, appreciate, believe1462
シ, document, records1462
コク,たけ,cereals, grain1461
ソウ, stratum, social class, layer, story, floor1462
ジ, magnet, porcelain1461
ショウ,さわ.る,hinder, hurt, harm1461
ギ,うたが.う,doubt, distrust, be suspicious, question1462
カク, tower, tall building, palace1461
イ,ユイ,のこ.す,bequeath, leave behind, reserve1461
ゴ,あやま.る,-あやま.る,mistake, err, do wrong, mislead1462
チョウ,しお,うしお,いた,tide, salt water, opportunity1561
ジュク,う.れる,mellow, ripen, mature, acquire skill1561
タン, nativity, be born, declension, lie, be arbitrary1561
ケン,ゴン,おもり,かり,はか.る,authority, power, rights1562
ゾウ,ソウ,くら,おさ.める,かく.れる,くらし,くらん,くろう,さし,ざ,ろう,storehouse, hide, own, have, possess1562
ショ,もろ,various, many, several, together1562
ロン, argument, discourse1562
ゲキ, drama, play1562
ゲキ,はげ.しい,violent, get excited, enraged, chafe, incite1661
フン,ふる.う,stirred up, be invigorated, flourish1661
ソウ,サン,みさお,あやつ.る,さお,みさ,maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity1661
トウ, sugar1661
ジュウ,たて,vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward1661
ジュ,き,いつき,うえ,こ,しげ,じ,たちき,たつ,たつる,な,timber trees, wood1661
ケン,かず,のり,よし,constitution, law1661
ラン,み.る,perusal, see1761
ユウ,ウ,やさ.しい,すぐ.れる,まさ.る,ゆ,よし,tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness1762
シュク,ちぢ.む,ちぢ.まる,ちぢ.める,ちぢ.れる,ちぢ.らす,shrink, contract, shrivel, wrinkle, reduce1761
ゲン,ゴン,おごそ.か,きび.しい,いか.めしい,いつくし,いつ,いづ,きゅうら,とし,stern, strictness, severity, rigidity1761
リン,のぞ.む,み,look to, face, meet, confront, attend, call on1861
カン, simplicity, brevity1862
ナン,かた.い,-がた.い,むずか.しい,むづか.しい,むつか.しい,-にく.い,な,なに,difficult, impossible, trouble, accident, defect1862
ケイ,いまし.める,admonish, commandment1962
ゾウ,はらわた,entrails, viscera, bowels1962