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Kanji Study Software: Zkanji, a 1 Minute Glance

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This is just a quick glance, a short and easy post to quickly provide a visual feel for zkanji.

The GUI is very well designed. It is densely populated but tidy.


The user can customize the GUI hiding the elements that do not interest him. This is how the main window shown above looks with all the optional elements hidden (and reduced in size).


Stroke order information looks excellent, animations are available but it is also possible to advance stroke by stroke, to have or not have a background grid, to have numbers on the strokes, to mark the beginning of a stroke with a red dot:


The user is given a lot of control. As an example see the dictionary filter:


Zkanji  is not only a dictionary, but also a study tool:


We have "discovered" Zkanji only recently so we have not yet used extensively, our first impression is very positive, we recommend anybody studying Japanese to try it, we are going to do that right now.

That's all. This post is a "quick glance": a type of post that allows you to understand in few seconds, without getting a headache reading tons of details, whether something looks interesting.

A proper review to give you all the details (and a headache:-) will probably be published later on.

You can find zkanji at, for a description of its features see (section "Program Features").