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Kanji and Kana Stroke Order Font

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The kanji and kana tables of try to use a font that provides the stroke order of kanjis and kana.

We say "try" because if the font with stroke order is installed on your PC then it will  be used, if it is not present your browser will try to use fonts that display Japanese properly, if these also are not present it will use the default fonts that might not render well japanese characters.

The order of traits is indicated by small numbers, if the character is not very big they may not be clearly visible:

You can easily zoom in the contents of most browser by pressing, at the same time, the control and + keys, each time you press + while holding control you zoom in, ie the contents of the browser increase in size, each time you press - while holding control the browser zooms out.

The position of the number tells you where the trait starts.

You can get the stroke order font and instructions to install it at