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Few Basic Things About The Italian Language

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If you are wondering whether to study Italian or not, or are about to start studying it, these are the basic macro features of the language that may be of interest if you are an English or a Japanese speaker:

  • Verbs System
    Italian verbs change their ending also depending on who performs the action
  • Nouns and Adjectives
    They have gender (male, female, neuter). The gender of a noun, along with the number (singular, plural), determines the ending.
    Adjectives and articles are flexed according to the noun's gender and number.
    ex. una mela (one/an apple), due mele (two apples),  
    un gatto (a male cat), una gatta  (an/one  female cat), i gatti (the male cats), le gatte (the female cats)
  • Pronunciation
    Italian is strongly phonetic, ie the same letters tend to have the same sound, irrispective of context.
    The sounds of the Italian language are very very similar to the sound of Japanese, they are not very similar to English.
    Double consonants are pronounced with a simila but stronger sound than a single consonant (pronunciation of surrounding letters in general is not affected).

The language most similar to Italian is Spanish