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The character is an Italian who wants to imitate the Americans and their life style, in this scene he tries to eat american food.
The actor, Alberto Sordi, was the most popular Italian "commercial" actor in the post war era. He used to represent human defects and weaknesses, in particular those that were most recurring in Italian people at the time (mammoni, a bit pathetic Etc.). Because of that he came to be considered "the Italian" par excellence and was very loved by Italian public. (Unlike most nations Italians take very well criticism, actually sometimes exaggerate with self-criticism).
BTW, luckily the penetration of American culture and values in Italy has been very small considering the amount to which Italy has been helped by USA in the post world war II.
As side notes: Italians, at least at the time, tended to consider American food like junk, or worse. In the video he says macaroni, in the american way, the proper Italian is maccheroni. In general he's speaking with a mix of Italian and American accent, exaggerating the sounds of American English that to to Italians sound more ... strange.